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Thread: "Northwest" (Cascade) Conference rescheduling

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    "Northwest" (Cascade) Conference rescheduling

    The USAU has chosen to disallow the format for the Cascade Conference tournament (which didn't meet USAU guidelines though all involved teams were ok with the format) and requested that it be rescheduled for next weekend. This may mean that one of the teams who were going to attend will not be able to attend.

    First off, to the timing. This was apparently announced on Friday before the tournament. At the very least shouldn't the USAU be reviewing tournament plans maybe a week or two in advance?

    Secondly, the specifics. The Northwest Region (not a conference) has two conferences, Cascade and Big Sky. From a glance at Score Reporter it seems that the Big Sky conference will not be holding a tournament. The Cascade conference was going to hold a 7 team tournament with 6 teams advancing to Regionals. The remaining 2 slots at regionals (8 teams total) were to be filled by the 3 and 4 teams from the Northwest D-3 tournament. The truth is that the D-3 teams will not be attending the Regional tournament. (My opinion, but if I'm wrong someone chime in here)

    So... the USAU cancelled a tournament at the last minute to postpone it to the next weekend which may mean one of the teams can't attend, and the purpose of this tournament is to choose the 6 best teams so that those 6 teams can play a 6 team tournament against each other on the following weekend 300 miles away. Is that right?

    Here's an idea: cancel the Conference tournament and head straight to Regionals. If you opened up Regionals to all eligible teams in the NW Region I doubt you'd get to 8 participants. What's the point of holding this postponed tournament?

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    This may be the wrong place to ask this, but I hope it will be kept here.

    It looks like the Northwoods Open DI should have turned into a 7.2 situation when one team did not show up. They played it as an 8.2 with a forfeit win for each team "playing" the team which was not there.

    How can this be fixed in the future so the correct format gets played?

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