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Thread: 2012 Sanctioned Events

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    2012 Sanctioned Events

    Is there a date when the 2012 sanctioned events will be announced by? I'm trying to put together my team's schedule for the summer, but it's difficult to when factoring in what may or may not be sanctioned.

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    I don't think there will be an official "schedule" of sanctioned events released. Tournament directors will apply for sanctioning, and if they meet the requirements, it's granted, just like the college season. College Easterns was USAU sanctioned, but I don't think it was listed as sanctioned on the score reporter until a few weeks beforehand, though it was always communicated as being sanctioned. Obviously, with the regular season counting, teams will want to go to sanctioned tournies, and thus the tournies will want to be sanctioned and apply for it. I would imagine the most that will happen this far in advance will be TD's communicating their intention to be sanctioned when calling for bids.

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