Ultimate Results is building is an ultimate training subscription site where you’ll have access to everything you need to take full advantage of your athletic potential.

You'll have access to:

* training plans from folks who write strength and conditioning programs for professional athletes (www.powertrainsports.com)

* coaching support from myself and Tim Morrill (www.morrillperformance.com) in weekly webinars

* community support and mentoring from other athletes

If you are interested in more details, go to this page and sign up: http://ultyresults.com/become-the-ultimate-athlete/

Once you sign up, you'll be notified of developments in the project as it evolves. You'll get in on some fun pre-launch activities like this Q&A session with Tim and I ( http://skydmagazine.com/2011/11/ulti...aining-cardio/ )

By being on the list you'll be notified when the site is open and have first dibs on becoming a member.

I'm really excited about being able to offer this service to the ultimate community. I'm aiming to build something epic and I hope you'll decide to be a part of it with me!