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06-22-2010, 10:28 AM
I figured I would share this, but I rewrote Tik Tok for Ultimate back during the spring. Here goes:

Wake up in the morning feeling like Beau Kittridge
Put my cleats on, Iím at the fields Ė going to bid quite sickly
Before we start, do some go-to Ė gotta love the ho-stack.
Cause when Iím when Iím strutting down the fields,
youíll be watching my back.

Iím talking pistoning of the hips, hips.
Laying out for the disc, disc.
Handlers doing the weave, weave.
Callahanding, Stealiní it in their end-zone.
Throwiní up the sweet book-ends.
Gonna get the Big D.

Donít stop, make it pop.
Handler throw it down the field
So High, Imma sky,
Ďtil we get to Universe.
Stall 9, on the count
But, I hammer for the point, ya. (Ohh Ohh Ohhh Ohhhhhh)

Got our marks holding flick, while were dodging the picks.
Got our Defense trappiní up line, cause our junk is divine.
And now their poppers are freaking out tryiní to find our holes.
But we swiftly poach on time cause we be readiní their throws.

Iím talking push pass for the dump, dump.
Foot block stops their huck, huck.
Hospital throws do suck, suck.
Now, Now we working it down the field,field.
Their defense is going to yield, yield.
Defense going to yield, yield.
Defense going to yield, yield.


Cutter, youíre juking in,
youíre sliding out.
My isoís called, ya you got me.
With my smooth moves, you got me now.
You got that throw, ya you got me.

Handler, youíre faking left,
youíre faking right.
You call me out, ya you got me.
With my smooth moves, and your sweet throws.
Put that throw now.

Now I bid for the disc and tap it for the win.