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02-03-2011, 12:02 AM
Dear Ultimate Community,

Without Limits and University of Texas Women's Ultimate are proud to announce the final list of teams for Women's College Centex. This phenomenal list of teams includes 19 of last year's 20 College Championships Qualifiers.

Divisions I / II
1. University of Texas Melee
2. Colorado College Lysistrata's Tools
3. University of California-Berkeley Pie Queens
4. University of Michigan Flywheel
5. University of Iowa Saucy Nancy
6. University of Southern California Hellions of Troy
7. Carleton College Syzygy
8. Washington University WUWU
9. University of Wisconsin-Madison Bella Donna
10. University of California-Santa Barbara Burning Skirts
11. Dartmouth College Princess Layout
12. University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill Pleiades
13. University of Colorado Kali
14. Stanford University Superfly
15. Tufts University Ewo
16. University of Pittsburgh Danger
17. University of North Carolina-Wilmington Seaweed
18. University of Virginia Hydra
19. University of British Columbia Thunderbirds
20. University of California- Los Angeles BLU
21. University of California- San Diego Psychos
22. Emory University Luna
23. University of Oregon Fugue
24. Texas A&M University Stacked
25. Iowa State University Woman Scorned
26. Northwestern University GungHo
27. University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire Sol
28. University of Washington Element
29. Harvard University Quasar
30. University of Pennsylvania Venus
31. University of Maryland Helpful Corn
32. Colorado State College Hell's Belles

Division III
1. Occidental College Women's Air Corps
2. Rice University Miss Red
3. Northeastern University Valkyries
4. University of Connecticut
5. University of California-Santa Cruz Sol
6. University of Kansas Betty
7. Tulane University Muses
8. The Claremont Colleges Greenshirts
9. University of Oklahoma Never Mrs.
10. University of Arizona Scorch
11. University of South Florida Wenches
12. Texas State University Muffbuckets
13. University of Richmond Redhots
14. University of North Texas Envy
15. California State University-Long Beach No Regrets
16. Reed College Rally

Roundup Division
1. University of Texas Mayhem
2. University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill B
3. University of California-Berkeley Tarts
4. Stanford University Pterafly

There will be crossover games for each of the divisions in order to allow teams to play at-level games as well as move up / down based on their performance.

In conjunction with the tournament, we will also be hosting three special events- a Throwing Mixer, Women's Leadership Forum, and Guest Coaching Program. You can read more about all of these events here:

I want to extend a heartfelt thank you to Texas Women's Ultimate, particularly the members of the GB for the past few years, for their continued dedication to the college women's division. As a proud alum, nothing makes me happier than to see a group of dedicated leaders who not only want to make their tournament the most competitive tournament in the nation, but who also actively reach out to teams with fewer opportunities and find ways to incorporate them into the one of the most celebrated events in college women's ultimate. Your commitment inspires so many people, myself included.

To read more about Women's College Centex, please visit:

To read more about Without Limits, check out:

Thank you to all for your support-- without you, this tournament would not be possible.

Without Limits
michelle (at) withoutlimitsultimate.com